Cummins employees cut the ribbon to safety

The repaired tumbledown arbour, new fire escape and evacuation mats for Sue Ryder clients in case of a sudden emergency. These are the good deeds of the Cummins company who has been supporting Sue Ryder regularly for 10 years and now even tries to increase its help. To express their gratitude Sue Ryder employees and clients took part in a little garden party on Thursday, Sep 22. With their quiet presence they wanted to appreciate your togetherness with us. You under the auspices of Cummins have a heart of gold and a big sense of charity manifested by the fact that you support dignified and safe ageing.

The support of Cummins of the frailest seniors has been long and significant. In the first year the company donated equipment for health care and nursing, in the second year they provided finances for installation of a kitchen in the Sue Ryder Home. This year they financed safety measures: in the backyard of Michelský dvůr there was a decaying arbour and a fire escape. Now both are new and repaired. As part of the aid we have also received evacuation mats, just in case that Sue Ryder is afflicted by a similar catastrophe to that of 2013. It was the flood requiring the evacuation of all the clients within an hour. Cummins are also involved in an additional safety component, they supervise the diesel engine unit that provides a standby source of energy in case of an electricity failure.

In 2023 Cummins will focus on environment protection

“In the year to come we would like to launch another joint project together with Cummins. The planned outcome is an installation of an organic compostor including the consultation concerning the waste recycling in the home, restaurant and charity shops of Sue Ryder. True, we are a social services organisation but we too would like to think in terms of positive impact on the environment. In this regard we know we have an improvement potential and we dare to hope that Cummins will want to participate,” says Lenka Stárková of Sue Ryder.

About Cummins

Cummins Inc., a jeho zastoupení v ČR Cummins Czech Republic s.r.o., patří mezi největší výrobce dieselových motorů a náhradních zdrojů energie na světě. S kratší přestávkou je s námi tato firma od roku 2012. V roce 2020 jsme společně realizovali prostřednictvím historicky prvního Cummins grantu projekt na pomoc a rozvoj paliativní péče v našem domově.

Cummins Inc. and its local representation office Cummins Czech Republic s .r.o. belong among the world’s biggest producers of diesel engines and standby energy equipment. They have been with us, apart from a short break, since 2012. In 2020 we together implemented the historically first Cummins’ grant project of the development of palliative care in our home.

P.S.: Participating in the ceremonial ribbon cutting were Hana Rybářová, Petr Roztočil, Lukáš Kryšpína and Robert Šušel.

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