News from the deck of Sue Ryder

Dear friends,

Perhaps you are wondering about what is currently happening in Sue Ryder. We continue to sail onwards but, just in case, we are preparing for the situation that passengers experienced on the cruise ship Diamond Princess. We, like them, may also find ourselves on the “deck of Sue Ryder” which we won’t be able to leave for a while. Perhaps the differences between clients and employees will disappear and for a certain amount of time, we will all become “inhabitants” of one boat – if the infection of coronavirus happens to reach our cabins.

I hope that this dire situation will not occur and that the main goal of the retirement home Sue Ryder will remain making our clients feel at home. According to our clients’ spontaneous statements I assume that my colleagues are doing amazing now as well – with masks on their faces and disinfecting solutions on their hands.

Other services of Sue Ryder are also functioning. Our team of personal assistance continues to be a lifeboat for seniors living at home. It is a matter of days (perhaps hours) of when the „Neztratit se ve stáří“ counseling line will increase its capacity. Already now it is a lighthouse for those who are struggling with old age as well as today’s tumultuous times.

I firmly believe that we will be able to get through all of this. Psychologists say and this has been proven several times throughout history that a person is able to take on significant obstacles and pitfalls.

I’m crossing my fingers for you and am looking forward to meeting you in “healthier times”.

Take care!

Matěj Lejsal, director


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